We offer a comprehensive range of estate agency and property management services. From this website you can search our database of properties for sale. If you have a place to sell, or are just interested in finding out exactly how much your home is worth, then we would be very happy to offer a free valuation.

Our residential lettings team can provide for all your needs in that area. As a landlord, you can have confidence in our lettings management services. If you are looking to rent, you can search for rental property from this site, or leave your details with our tenant registration form.

Advice on Buying, Selling or Renting in Exeter

It is our goal to become the best, most trusted and most reliable name in residential property services. All of our staff are trained and experienced in all aspects of buying, selling and renting property in the local area.

If you want some advice about any issue relating to your home, please come in for a chat. It doesn’t matter even if you’re not our client or customer. We know that if we can help you, then you are more likely to recommend us to your friends, family and colleagues, and more likely to choose us in the future.

If you want an independent and impartial perspective on a property issue, please feel free to ask us. Perhaps you don’t feel you understand enough about the process of buying or selling. Maybe you aren’t sure about the price you are paying for a property, or you feel your own home has been undervalued.

If your house has been on the market for a little while and there hasn’t been much interest, perhaps you are concerned that an agent might have valued it too highly to ensure that you signed with them.

Whatever your situation, we would be more than happy to chat through your concerns.

Lettings Services

Our residential lettings team currently have more tenants than properties. If you are a local landlord, we can offer a range of lettings services to ensure that your investment properties are generating a good return with minimal vacancy rates.

We are very thorough in our referencing and qualification of tenants, and are meticulous in our inspections of your property. Equally, we insist upon looking after the tenants properly too, and we believe that the best tenancy arrangements are brought about by keeping everyone happy!

If you are seeking property to rent, you can register your interest with us now, and we will let you know what we have to meet your requirements. Alternatively, you can search our database of properties to let.